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What Is Community Acupuncture?

Community Acupuncture is a “Pay What You Can” program that provides greater accessibility to acupuncture treatment for those who need it! Traditionally, Community Acupuncture is performed in a group setting where multiple clients receive treatments at the same time in one large open room. Due to COVID19 and social distancing restrictions, we will be modifying the group setting approach and performing the same treatments but safely in private treatment rooms.

When is Community Acupuncture?

Community Acupuncture will be run on Thursday’s from 3pm-7pm. However, as volume increases, so will availability. Our goal is to have various days/times available in order to suit your needs.

How Much Is Community Acupuncture?

Community Acupuncture will be provided on a “Pay What You Can” sliding scale, where clients can pay between $40 and $70. In order to cover our costs, we have set a minimum price of $40 per treatment. However, if clients have the means to, they will be given the opportunity to contribute up to $70.

A sliding scale serves two main purposes:

      1. Affordability – By paying less than our normal rates, clients are able to stretch their medical benefits further and/or manage their out of pocket expenses. 
  1. Sustainability – The option for clients to pay more than the minimum price ensures that over time, we can afford to continue providing care to those who need it.

NOTE: Community Acupuncture treatment can be covered by your health benefits plan.

Who will be performing Community Acupuncture treatments?

Our physiotherapist Michael and our naturopath Dr. Crystal will be spearheading Community Acupuncture. As the program grows, we will also be adding a Registered Massage Therapist and a Chiropractor. This means that you will be able to use all of your health benefits to cover your treatments!

How can we afford to charge so little?

Community Acupuncture visits are more affordable, which we hope will attract more clients. Additionally, with better access to treatment, more clients should improve and as they improve, we hope they can give back in their own way: pay more than the minimum, refer friends/family/colleagues to the clinic, leave positive reviews on social media… anything helps!

Will Community Acupuncture be effective in treating my issues?

Mostly YES! No matter what style of acupuncture you receive or with whom, there will be excellent and effective points used. Those points will be individualized for you and your issues. 

Saying that, as much as it kills us to admit it… although acupuncture can augment most treatments, on its own it does not fix all issues. Oftentimes, your issues may require additional or different treatments in order to fully resolve. In these circumstances, your practitioner will discuss with you how to more efficiently meet your goals.

What are common conditions that Community Acupuncture can help with?

Chronic Stress

Fertility Issues

Digestive Complaints 

Hormonal Imbalances

Pelvic Floor Problems

Sleep Disturbances

Women’s Health Issues



Frozen Shoulder


Ligament Sprains

Low Back Pain

Meniscal Tear


Plantar Fasciitis

Rotator Cuff Injuries

Scar Tissue

Tendon Injuries

TMJ Dysfunction


Why Community Acupuncture?

Community Acupuncture is not just a discounted treatment program, but a two way relationship between our clinic and our community! The relationship is simple in that the clinic will work to serve you and your families by being here when you need us to provide acupuncture to relieve your pain and suffering. The community will come for acupuncture, pay for treatments, and participate in supporting the clinic in other ways. As with all healthy relationships, both parties give and receive.