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Expert Performance Care in Burlington for athletes aiming for peak performance. Just like a race car needs tune-ups, our bodies require tailored physical care to achieve and maintain elite performance levels. Whether competing at high levels or enhancing your skills in a specific activity, our dedicated approach ensures you’re always at your best.

Perform to the  Highest Standards of your Body

The Performance Care in Burlington program will allow for your body to perform better by having yourself regularly assessed for the loss of functional capacity that is inevitable with activity. Your functional deficits will be addressed in order to promote your body’s ability to function at its greatest capacity.

Most athletes perform the same if not similar movements hundreds of times in a given week. Best case scenario, this increases the likelihood that you develop imbalances within your body due to the repetitive action of certain muscles/joints. Even worse, you may have already started to accumulate minor injuries that weren’t enough to keep you off the field, but enough to have your body change its ideal muscle recruitment pattern. The inevitability of this is increased wear and tear on certain joints and muscles and reduced ability culminating in loss of performance and worse injury that may keep away from your sport.

Your answer to this dilemma is the Performance Care program. You will sit down with a neurofunctional sports performance practitioner who will assess frequency of visits, type of care required and pre-habilitative exercises to be done on your part to prevent loss of performance and reduce the risk of injury.

This program is not just for elite athletes, but for all those who are committed to the health and full performance of their body. The Performance Care program is designed to address the inevitable loss of optimal performance in your body to prevent the occurrence of the injuries and more importantly allow your body to improve to high levels.

What People



The difference is night and day — after just a few sessions at Movement Therapy, my chronic neck pain has subsided, and I'm finally enjoying activities I had given up on. Their team’s dedication and tailored treatment have given me a new lease on life. Highly recommend!

Highly Recomended!

After weeks of back pain, Movement Therapy's expert team had me back to work — and play — faster than I ever expected. A life-changing experience!


Such a Great Mix of Knowledge

Their unique approach to chiropractic care not only eased my chronic headaches but also improved my overall posture. Truly the best care I've received!


Its Changed My Life!

Post-knee surgery, their physiotherapist crafted a recovery plan that was effective and manageable. I've never felt stronger!


I am Delighted With the Result

Thanks to Movement Therapy, my shoulder feels as good as new. Their personalized exercises made all the difference. I'm back to playing tennis with no pain!


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Each individual insurance plan is different. In order to find out your coverage details, please contact your insurance provider. You can also bring your insurance information (group health plan number and I.D. number) to your appointment and our office administrator can contact the respected insurance provider on your behalf in order to inquire about the specifics of your plan.

No, we do not require a doctor’s referral to provide you with an assessment and/ or treatment. However, some insurance providers may require a doctor’s referral in order to reimburse you for your treatments. If you wish, we can update your respected family physician upon completion of your assessment. This will ensure they are up to date on your current status.

Treatment lengths can vary depending on who you see and how involved your needs are. Everyone is different and so are their needs. Here at Movement Therapy we tailor treatment to your individual needs. Treatment options will be discussed with you following your initial assessment.

Please wear comfortable clothing to your treatments. Something that will give access to the area’s that need to be treated. Eg. Shorts for lower body/back injuries and tank tops for upper body/neck injuries. We do have some shorts and gowns available if required.

Yes! There is ample parking available in the back of the building (next to the main entrance).

A full 24 hours is required for cancelling appointments. Appointments that are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged a fee.

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