Prior to your initial visit, you may want to:

How to prepare for your first visit:

  • Wear or bring appropriate clothing. Something that will give access to the area’s that need to be treating. Eg. Shorts for lower body/back injuries and tank tops for upper body/neck injuries.
  • Arrive 15 minutes early to fill out intake forms or fill them out beforehand by clicking here.

What to expect on your first visit:

  • You will be greeted by our helpful staff who may ask to verify some of your information.
  • Next, you will be interviewed by your therapist to review your medical history and symptoms.
    • What types of symptoms are you experiencing?
    • What aggravates and eases these symptoms?
    • How long have you been having these symptoms?
    • How did the symptoms first start?
    • Have you ever had physical therapy or other treatments before? If so, what was the result?
  • Next, you will undergo a physical exam, where your therapist will perform tests (often assessing strength and mobility) to help determine the possible origins of your condition.
  • Lastly, your therapist will explain how they plan to treat your issues. You will collaborate on goals that you wish to achieve during your course of therapy. We welcome questions at this point and our therapists are happy to provide you with details you may want to know.
  • We normally try to include treatment on the same day as your initial evaluation as long as time permits. Some clients require a more in depth interview/ assessment due to complicated medical history.
  • If appropriate, a tailored home exercise program will be given. It is essential to your quick recovery to adhere to this program.
  • The last step is to check out and schedule your follow-up appointments. All payments are due when services are rendered.

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